Construction Workers: 3 Types Of Wrinkles A Facelift Can Help With

Working for a construction company involves a lot of outdoor jobs and hard work. Along with pressure on your muscles and back, working in the field of construction can also lead to a number of face wrinkles. The appearance of wrinkles on your face can make you look a lot older than you are. Instead of letting years of construction work do damage to your face, you can feel rejuvenated and look younger by getting a facelift. As you consult with facelift doctors, there are three different types of wrinkles you can have eliminated. The facelift can focus on each one of these areas and make you look years younger than you actually are.

Squinting Wrinkles

When working outdoors, you are exposed to bright light on a daily basis. Even if you're wearing sunglasses, you may find yourself often squinting in the bright light. Years of squinting can lead to defined wrinkle lines on your face. The key areas for these lines appear on the sides of your eyes and on your cheeks. By getting a mid-face lift treatment, you can remove these squinting wrinkles. The facelift will even out the area and can help tighten the skin so that face wrinkles do not reappear when you return back to work. During a consultation appointment, a doctor may have you squint to help highlight these areas that need to get treated. In some cases, there may be extra wrinkles on your forehead that need treatment as well.

UV Ray Wrinkles

One of the biggest causes of skin wrinkles is exposure to UV rays. Ultraviolet rays can cause fine wrinkles, large wrinkles, and the rapid aging of skin. As a construction worker, you are typically exposed to UV rays on a daily basis. Without using sun protection every day, the UV exposure can make your skin worse over time. This can make you look a lot older than you actually are. A full facelift can help eliminate the damage done by UV rays. If UV rays have caused your skin to look rough, a facelift can really smooth it out and make it look a lot younger. The facelift can also help eliminate some of the sagging that occurs due to UV ray exposure. Typical sagging areas includes under your eyes and chin. Extra areas like the ears or necks may also be treated. Along with the facelift, a doctor can perform treatments to remove age marks and changes in your skin that have occurred over time.

Muscle & Strain Wrinkles

Working on construction sites typically involves a lot of hard work and heavy lifting. Whether you're carrying items or using power tools, your body goes through a lot of muscle use and strain on a daily basis. When straining with items, it can create a number of different wrinkles in your face area. For example, when you clench your mouth to carry a heavy item, wrinkled items may appear around your mouth and chin. Straining may also cause wrinkles in your neck.

Getting a lower facelift can help eliminate these wrinkles. Through this process, a doctor will tighten skin up from the neck and help eliminate the visible wrinkles. During a consultation, you can perform mock lifting to showcase where these wrinkle lines appear. They may not always appear when your face is in a normal position.

When getting facelift procedures done, you may have the ability to combine different treatments into one facelift. For example, a doctor may be able to get rid of squinting wrinkles and muscle wrinkles through the same session. Booking a consultation appointment is the best way to see your options. Contact a company like My Plastic Surgery Group for more information.

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