Suffering From A Broken Ankle? Consider Renting A Stairlift

Breaking an ankle can be a traumatic experience for many. It is especially difficult if a person lives in a home that requires walking up and down stairs regularly. However, renting a chairlift while recovering from a broken ankle can be a smart idea for many people.

Why Staying Off A Broken Ankle Is Important

One of the most important ways of protecting a person's health and the well-being of their ankle is to stay off of it until it heals. Since it can take several weeks, if not months, for a break to heal, this can make it difficult to deal with homes with a lot of stairs. Walking up a flight of stairs with a cane or the help of a loved one can be easier, but it can also be a difficult pain.

Unfortunately, it can also be a situation in which the person hurts their ankle and exacerbates the problem. As a result, it is important for that person to either avoid the steps as much as possible or find a way to get up them safely. This is where a stairlift comes into play.

The Benefits Of A Stairlift For Those With A Broken Ankle

While stairlifts are typically sold to senior citizens who need help getting up and down their stairs on a regular basis, stairlifts can also be rented out to people who need one for a temporary period. For example, a person with a broken ankle could have one installed to help them get up and down the stairs. This is really only necessary if the person must regularly climb those stairs (such as if their bed is on the second story).

While it is possible to buy a stairlift, a person who is young enough (or who may move from that house in the future) may not wish to purchase any. Thankfully, renting a stairlift is an option. For those who are trying to heal a broken ankle, it is one that can be a godsend for their health.

Temporarily Renting A Stairlift Costs

Renting a stairlift is often an expense covered by a person's insurance if approved by their doctor. Installation costs between $350 to $600, while a removal can cost between $200 to $500. Usually, rental costs come in three-month periods of $180 to $300 per month. Then, a refundable deposit must be paid, usually about $200 to $800.

While this isn't an inexpensive proposition for many people, insurance is likely to cover most of these costs. The deposit will be returned if the person treats the stairlift with respect and doesn't break it. If injured on the job, a person could use their temporary workers' compensation funds to also pay for these fees, though this is usually unnecessary.

For those who are getting a little older in years, it may actually be worth purchasing a stairlift and having it installed permanently in their home. While their ankle will obviously eventually heal, having a lift can be a nice luxury option for those who are having a hard time getting up and down the stairs.

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