Going Through The Motions ~ What To Expect After Your Nose Job

Are you thinking about getting a "nose job"? This surgical procedure is sought for a number of reasons and some people do not know what to expect post-operation. The following points will help you to know the stages and emotions you can expect. 


After your surgery, you will have to wear a nose splint. This means that it will be a short period of time before you can see your nose. Your excitement and anticipation will likely be high. When you remove your nose splint, do not be discouraged if your nose does not look the way you imagined. Keep in mind that a nose job is a surgical procedure. Removing the splint does not mean that your nose has fully healed. 


Nose splints are put on after surgeries to reduce swelling and keep noses stabilized. However, when nose splints are removed, swelling is expected to occur. This is because the surgical site has not fully healed. Over time the swelling will lessen. If your nose job surgery is to make your nose smaller, the swelling might make you alarmed. Keep in mind over the course of the healing time your nose will gradually change in appearance. 


Perhaps you are wondering about the timeframe of the healing process. Having a nose job surgery will not mean that you have to miss a long time out of work or school. However, the time it takes for complete healing to take place is several months. The minor swelling that can linger for months bothers some people because they assume that they are looking at the end result. However, patience pays off in the end for many patients because when their noses heal completely, they can look back on the time that has passed and see that the swelling was a temporary part of the process.


When your nose heals completely, the hope is that it will be a close resemblance of what you and your surgeon discussed. Some people get obsessed with having a perfect nose. It is important to note that a nose job is intended to improve the appearance of the nose. You will likely have before and after photos. Aim to focus on whether you see marked improvement before you get discouraged.


Some patients may want to undergo another nose job surgery due to minor aesthetic imperfections that may be present after sufficient healing time has elapsed. It is a good idea to consider a revision rhinoplasty if this is the case. Revision rhinoplasties are also ideal when patients like the outcome of the appearance of their nose jobs but report functional issues. 

Talk to a doctor, such as at Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC, for more help.

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