How A "Shot To The Crotch" Can Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a health concern that terrifies many men, and it it is one that can be somewhat mysterious in its causes. However, men who have gotten hit in the crotch or directly on the penis are more likely to suffer from this problem for a variety of reasons.

Penile Trauma Is A Grave Concern

While a hit to the crotch may seem funny to those witnessing it, any man who has suffered from this problem know it isn't a laughing matter. The pain it causes is incredibly severe for a reason: it is damage to an organ of the body. Severe enough trauma can impact the operation of the penis and its interior items and even cause damage to tissue.

Most instances of penile trauma aren't severe enough to threaten a man's health. That said, it can cause a chain reaction that leads to other problems. For example, its can result in the development of erectile dysfunction as Peyronie's disease begins.

Peyronie's Disease Is Connected To Trauma

What is Peyronie's disease? It is the development of scar tissue inside of the penis that complicates its operation. Often, it leads to erectile dysfunction. The exact causes of this problem are somewhat mysterious. Doctors believe that genetic predisposition and medications may result in the development of this condition. However, they are quite sure that trauma is one of the leading causes.

The most challenging aspect of this disease is that it can grow worse slowly over time. As this issue develops and increases in severity, it may be harder to manage the erectile dysfunction that it causes. As a result, it is important to get it treated as quickly as possible.

Managing The Problem

Peyronie's disease is not one that typically goes away on its own. Only 13 percent of all cases heal on their own. Treating it as soon as symptoms of erectile dysfunction occur is an important way of avoiding surgery. Some cases may be dealt with by taking vitamin E supplements. This vitamin has been shown to help manage scar tissue development and straighten the curve of the damaged penis.

Potassium aminobenzoate is used in a similar way, as is the anti-swelling item colchicine. Injections are often given to manage the curving of the penis, such as adding anti-swelling interferon directly into the penis. Surgery to remove the scar tissue and straighten the penis is typically likely if the problem is severe or if it isn't treated within the first 12 months of development.

If you or anyone you love has suffered from a severe impact to the crotch, a trip to an erectile dysfunction specialist may be in order so that they can discuss erectile dysfunction treatments. They can help assess the situation and treat it in a successful way.

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