Considering Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification? Here's What You Need To Know

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) if a common form of behavioral therapy that focuses on helping and counseling individuals who may have a higher potential to becoming agitated, emotional, or upset in certain situations than others. This form of therapy focuses not just on the patient being treated, but also their social atmosphere as well. If you have a background in psychology and behavioral therapy, you are no doubt familiar with DBT, but you can also become certified in DBT through training programs like Treatment Implementation Collaborative. If this is a step in your career you have been considering, it is a good idea to take a look at the most commonly asked questions. 

Do you have to be certified in DBT to perform DBT treatment?

In most cases, no. You don't technically have to be certified in DBT because you likely have already studied this form of cognitive therapy if you have interests in psychology and the well-being of the mind. However, some institutions do prefer that you have taken the extra steps to get certified in DBT therapy because this means you have spent even more time researching and learning about the treatment methods involved. 

Is DBT only used to treat people with borderline personality disorder?

Even though DBT was originally formed for the treatment of borderline personality disorder, the therapy can also help with other problems. The things you will learn in training, such as how to assess an individual's social circle to give role-play assignments to the patient and family members, are all things that can be used in treatment paths of other individuals will similar issues. For example, people who struggle with anger management problems can sometimes benefit from DBT treatment. The DBT approach is actually used in the treatment of everything from bipolar mood disorders to eating disorders because almost every psychological illness and ailment can have social factors that influence the condition.

What will you learn in DBT training?

DBT training can vary depending on where you receive it, but you will likely spend a fair amount of time learning about the primary components of treatment, which are encouraging an individual's mindfulness of their social surroundings, helping individuals learn how to be accepting of the reality of social situations, and encouraging individuals to keep a nonjudgemental outlook when communicating with others. Most therapy ideals will stem from these basic principles and give you a greater understanding of DBT as a treatment form. 

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