Some Amenities You Might Find In An Assisted Living Center For Senior Care

If you're a senior with a medical condition or disability that makes it difficult to live alone, then you should think about an assisted living facility. If that conjures up images of sitting in a wheelchair and staring out a window all day, you'll be happy to know that's far from the case. Assisted living facilities are a blend of medical care and support of your independence. The facilities vary in what they offer, so you'll have to look around to find a place you like. Here are some amenities for seniors that are often found in assisted living centers.

An Activity Room

The activity room is where all the action is. You won't want to sit in your room all day when you can meet your friends for a game of cards in the activity room. There should be plenty of games and hobby activities to keep you busy. The facility may also have a recreational therapist on hand for group games and social events. There will likely be many parties, movies, lectures, and other informal gatherings in the activity room.

A Shuttle Bus For Fun Outings

If you're not able to drive now, you may be isolated most of the time in your home. That can all change in an assisted living facility. There may be scheduled shuttle service to a local shopping mall, planned trips to movie theaters, and even short day trips to local attractions. You won't need a car, but if you have one, you can come and go as you please.

A Fitness Gym

Staying active and fit is important to your health as you age. The facility you choose may have a gym where you can walk on a treadmill or do strength training exercises. There could be classes offered, such as chair yoga that is gentle and easy for all skill levels. Some facilities have swimming pools so you can do aqua exercises that are gentle on joints or swim laps. There could be walking or fitness trails that allow you to spend time outdoors soaking up the sun and fresh air.

A Library

A well-stocked library helps keep your mind sharp and stimulated if you read the books, magazines, and newspapers on offer. You'll be able to keep up with events so you feel like part of your community and world. The library may even hold classes so you can learn new hobbies and skills you can put to use in the facility's activity center or garden.

Assisted living facilities for seniors vary in size, price, and what they offer. Perhaps the most important thing you'll find besides good medical care is camaraderie with fellow residents that will keep you from feeling lonely like you might feel when you live alone with an illness or disability as you grow older. Contact a company like Paramount Parks At Eagle to learn more.

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