3 Things To Expect After Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is an excellent way to improve your vision. It will give you the ability to see things that you were never able to see before without the help of glasses. This is possible by reshaping your cornea. However, because the procedure involves cutting your actual eye, there is a recovery process that you must go through. If you know what to expect, this can make the process go much smoother for you. Here are three things that you can expect after Lasik surgery. 

Your Vision May Be Blurry

One symptom that people don't necessarily expect after Lasik surgery is blurry vision. However, this is actually a very normal symptom and is nothing that you should worry about. Your eyes are likely blurry for a myriad of reasons. For one thing, they are probably watering a lot, thus creating a blurry line of vision for you. Secondly, your eyes may have a hard time focusing due to their high level of sensitivity, which makes things look hazier. These symptoms won't last and soon you will be able to see clearly out of your eyes. 

You Will Sleep After Surgery 

Following your procedure, you will still have a numbing agent on your eyes that stops you from feeling immediate pain. However. once the numbing agent wears off, you will feel this pain. Thankfully, your doctor will not only give you medication for pain, but they will also give you some medication that allows you to sleep for a few hours after the procedure. This is generally when the pain is the most intense, so being able to sleep through it is a great way to get through this portion of your recovery. 

You Can't Rub Your Eyes

After your surgery, one thing that you must not do is rub your eyes. Because of the feeling that something is in your eye, the excessive eye-watering, and the natural reaction is to rub your eyes when they are bothering you, this can be difficult. However, there are certain things that you can do to help avoid rubbing your eyes. During the night, you will wear goggles to bed so that you won't rub your eyes while you are sleeping. You can also put prescription eye drops in your eyes during the day when they are feeling especially itchy and bothersome for you.

Knowing that you can experience blurry vision after Lasik surgery, knowing that you will need to sleep after the procedure, and knowing you can't rub your eyes can help you to better plan and prepare for the surgery.  To learn more, contact an eye center like The Eye Center Inc.

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