Thinking About Medical School? How You Can Prepare

If you have always wanted to become a doctor but are either just starting out in college or are still in high school, then you may not even know where to start. And although you may love the human body and anatomy, it takes a lot more than a passion to get into medical school these days. So how can you ensure that you are preparing properly for a future in the medical field? Read on to learn more. 

Take all of the Prerequisites

Most medical schools want to see that their applicants have taken at least some advanced chemistry and biology courses and that they are familiar enough with the sciences that they aren't going to drown when they get into medical school. Even if you are an art major, make sure that you take some of these science classes so that you not only feel more prepared, but so that the schools you are applying to can see that you are prepared as well. 


One thing that medical schools really like to see is that you have a lot of volunteer work in the medical industry. For instance, a lot of medical schools like to see that their patients have shadowed doctors or that they have volunteered in sections of the hospital like the NICU. Make sure that you have enough volunteer hours under your belt that you stand out. 

Take an MCAT Preparation Course

In order for you to be admitted into medical school or even start applying to medical schools, you need to take an entrance examination called the MCAT. Similar to the LSAT that you have to take to get into law school, the MCAT will test your general knowledge of the human body and the sciences, but it can be a very intense test. To really help you prepare for your MCAT, make sure that you invest in an MCAT preparation course. If you feel like your schedule is too busy to go into a class after school, then consider taking an online course; these classes are great at giving you the skills you need to get a high score on this test. 

Getting ready to apply for medical school is really a process that takes several years. Once you start applying and have these things under your belt, however, you will be grateful for all of the work that you put in. 

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