3 Ways To Prepare For Orthopedic Surgery

Learning that you need orthopedic surgery can be intimidating, especially since it may involve a long recovery and some personal discomfort. However, by doing what you can to prepare, you may be able to improve your experience. Here are three ways to prepare for orthopedic surgery. 

1.    Understand Recovery Timelines Each surgery is accompanied by a different recovery timeline, based on how invasive the surgery is, your overall health before the operation, and your body's ability to heal. Before you undergo orthopedic surgery, talk with your surgeon about the projected recovery timeline involved with your operation. 

Plan to take enough time off of work to heal, and think about moving into a room in your home that allows you to live on a single level of your house. That way, doing things like eating, showering, and sleeping can all be accomplished without the rigors of climbing stairs and increasing your risk of falls.  

2.    Stock Your Refrigerator and Pantry When you are trying to recover from surgery, the last thing you will want to worry about is heading out to get food or preparing a meal. To make things easier for yourself, focus on stocking your refrigerator and pantry before your surgery date. Consider preparing some freezer meals that you can pop into slow cookers after you get home from the hospital. 

Don't forget that you can always take advantage of meal delivery services to bring you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and that some businesses even offer boxed delivery of fresh ingredients, making it easier to prepare healthy meals in the comfort of your own home. 

3.    Arrange Help While you may be hesitant to take up family members and friends on their offers to help after your surgery, getting help can make it possible for you to focus on your recovery without external factors. Think about getting help for things like walking dogs, taking kids to and from school, and even cleaning up your home during the week. As your recovery continues, don't be afraid to ask for additional help if you find yourself falling short managing everyday tasks.  

If you are faced with surgery, take the time to really evaluate your day-to-day life to think about what you might need help with. By talking with your physician and doing what you can to prepare for your orthopedic surgery day, you can help to make your recovery more convenient and comfortable. 

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