Medical Equipment Your Spouse Might Need When Recovering at Home from Orthopedic Surgery

If your spouse is having orthopedic surgery, such as a hip or knee replacement, and will be coming home to recover, you'll want to prepare your home in advance and have all the equipment you need for your spouse's safety and your convenience. Insurance may pay for the things that are necessary for a safe recovery, but there may be things you want to buy or rent from a medical equipment store to make the long weeks of recovery go more smoothly. Here are some types of medical equipment you might want to get for your spouse.

A Hospital Bed

While the doctor probably won't want your spouse to spend all day in bed, having a hospital bed can be a nice convenience. With a head and foot that elevate, your spouse can sit up to watch TV or raise the foot to help with swelling. Being able to adjust the bed can help your spouse be more comfortable. Plus the rails on the side of the bed give your spouse something to grab onto to help change positions when moving might be painful or difficult.

A Bedside Commode

Your spouse's doctor will probably encourage walking short distances as soon as possible, but that doesn't necessarily mean to walk at night when it could be dangerous. Rather than your spouse struggling to get to the bathroom at night, you could place a commode at the bedside so all your spouse has to do is transfer from the bed to the commode and not worry about stumbling around in the dark when the risk of tripping is too great because your spouse isn't steady yet.

A Wheelchair

It may be a matter of weeks before your spouse is able to walk long distances again depending on the type of surgery that was done. You don't want your spouse to be housebound that entire time if possible. A wheelchair makes it possible to go for walks around the neighborhood or to go to a restaurant or to the movies. Staying active might help your spouse ward off loneliness and depression. Plus, having a wheelchair makes it easier to get to doctor's appointments and physical therapy sessions.

In addition to the major medical equipment needed for recovery, you might need several accessories too, such as a raised toilet seat or armrests on the toilet. If you're not sure how to prepare your home, ask your spouse's doctor for advice or talk to the physical therapist. The doctor may even send a physical or occupational therapist to your home to evaluate the situation and make recommendations so your spouse can go home safely after surgery.

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