Tips For Overcoming Your Nervousness About Your MRI

Many people become nervous about an MRI. Whether it is because of claustrophobia, the length of the procedure, or a fear of discomfort, it is understandable to be nervous. Yet, an MRI is also one of the best imaging methods available for diagnosing and developing a treatment plan for a variety of illnesses, injuries, and chronic conditions. The following can help you know what to expect, so you can prepare accordingly.

Consider Open or Closed

You may have heard of open or closed MRI scans. Although these terms actually refer to the configuration of the magnets, it also describes the machines themselves. A closed MRI is the type with the tube that is only open on the end, which is where you enter the machine. The imaging magnets are on all sides. An open MRI only has magnets on the top and bottom, so the two sides, as well as the ends, are open. An open MRI can not image all parts of the body, nor is it as strong as a closed MRI, but it can be more comfortable and less claustrophobic. Make sure to ask your doctor if the open MRI is an option in your case.

Know What to Expect

Knowing what to expect can help set you at ease. In general, you will arrive in advance for your appointment to fill out paperwork and have your vitals recorded. You will need to remove any metal jewelry or accessories and, in some cases, you may need to don a hospital gown. You may also be injected with a fluid that will improve the imaging of your body's internal organs. You will need to lay still in the MRI, but the technician will provide you with an alarm button in the event you need help. The length of the MRI will vary, since it can take up to 45 minutes to image a single area of the body. Your technician can provide you with an estimate for your specific imaging needs.

Ask for help

If you are nervous or even scared, there is help. In some cases, you can be provided with a light sedative to help you relax throughout the procedure. Some clinics also have the ability to provide MRI safe entertainment to take your mind off of the procedure. For example, they may be able to play your favorite music or a book on tape inside the machine. The clinic may also have a special set of goggles you can wear that are MRI safe, but that allow you to watch a movie of your choosing.

Contact an imaging center such as Hudson Valley Imaging if you have more questions about getting an MRI.

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