Preparing For Bunion Surgery And The Recovery Process

If you are diagnosed with bunions, that means you have a bony mass at the bottom of your big toe. Bunions are a deformity of both the bone and soft tissue. Your big toe won't point forward but will point toward the rest of your toes instead. When you wear shoes that are too tight, you can aggravate your bunions. This can be a vary painful condition that many people choose to manage with bunion surgery. When you are in pain that doesn't respond to less invasive treatment, your doctor may recommend bunion surgery to deal with the pain in your feet. Bunion surgery corrects the deformity, reducing the pressure on your toe joint.

Conservative Treatment for Bunion Pain

When you are not ready for bunion surgery, you can try more conservative treatment options to deal with bunion pain. Wearing shoes with more room for your toes can help, as can using cushioning foot pads to reduce pressure on your bunions. You can try over-the-counter pain medication to deal with any inflammation. Rest and ice your feet when your bunions cause you pain to see if that helps.

Good Candidates For Bunion Surgery

If you try at-home remedies and nothing helps your bunion pain, you may be a good candidate for bunion surgery. If the pain is severe enough to stop you from your daily activities, you may need bunion surgery. If you aren't able to walk for a few hundred yards without significant food pain, surgery can make a big difference. Problems straightening your big toe or persistent pain even after you rest your foot can indicate surgery would be beneficial.

There are many types of bunion surgery your doctor can consider, so talk to your doctor when your feet hurt and you can't find relief. Contact a doctor such as Richard Moy DPM INC for more information on surgery options.

Recovering From Bunion Surgery

It is going to take six or eight weeks to recover from your bunion surgery, and another couple of months to feel fully healed. You can expect to wear a cast or boot for several weeks after the surgery to protect your foot. You can't get your stitches wet, and you will need to keep weight off of your foot. You will need crutches to move about, and you will be encouraged to stay off your feet when you can.

To prepare for bunion surgery, be ready for the recovery process. Set yourself up with help ahead of time, and understand that you aren't going to be fully healed for months.

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