Chronic Elbow Pain: What Should You Do And How?

If your elbows hurt constantly, you might not know exactly how to relieve the pain. Elbow pain can strike anyone, including people who have tendinitis and bursitis. Ligament tears, overuse injuries, and old age can also cause elbow pain. Learn what you should do about your elbow pain below.

Determine Why You Have Elbow Pain

If you injured your elbow or arm in the past, it could be one of the reasons for your chronic discomfort. Old injuries, such as tennis elbow and tendinitis, can flare up over time. Your flare-ups might occur during times that make your body feel uncomfortable, such as when you change environments. For instance, some environmental changes such as cold weather may increase the pressure in your body fluids. Pressure could develop around the nerves and scars in your injured elbow and make them ache.

If you have issues with the joints in your elbows, you might experience pain from time to time. It's not uncommon for arthritis sufferers to experience chronic body aches or uncomfortable symptoms in the middle of the night, at work, or when they exercise. The discomfort can be very unsettling at times.  

You may think you have to live with your chronic elbow pain, but that's not the case -- there's hope in pain management treatment. 

Become Pain Free

If you want to regain full use of your elbow and live without chronic aches and pain, see a doctor. A pain management specialist can inspect your elbow and determine why you suffer from daily or nightly discomfort. If your pain occurs because of an old injury, you may find relief with medication therapy. Medication therapy may include using or taking the following:

  • nerve block injections and shots
  • analgesics
  • anti-inflammatories

A doctor may also provide relief through electrical stimulation treatments. The treatment relaxes your soft tissues and soothes your joints. You may feel less pressure in the fluid surrounding the nerves in your elbow so that you can rest easier at night or perform better during the day. If a specialist offers electrical stimulation treatment in their office, they'll discuss the pros and cons of using it with you.

Even if your elbow feels better after treatment, you want to continue doing the following:

  • visiting a doctor regularly or when scheduled
  • taking your medications 
  • maintaining a positive outlook on life

A doctor can help you meet your pain management goals. For more information on chronic elbow pain, including how to manage it, consult a clinic that offers chronic pain treatment services today.

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