How Myofunctional Therapists Help Skinny People With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common health problem that can cause a person to heavily snore and may stop their breathing at night. This health problem can trigger many other health issues and is something that must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, too many people with sleep apnea don't realize they have an issue and may need myofunctional therapy to overcome this persistent health issue.

Sleep Apnea Isn't Always Caused By Obesity

The fact that sleep apnea is so often triggered by obesity makes many people think that skinny people cannot develop it. That is not at all the case. Very skinny people can easily develop sleep apnea due to a myriad of different issues. For example, they may have weak muscles in their mouth that sag as they sleep or extra tissue that is loose within their throat and which gets in the way when they try to breathe at night.

As a result, many skinny people with sleep apnea may not realize that they have this condition until their doctor diagnoses them with it. And unlikely heavier individuals, they cannot lose weight to manage this problem. Therefore, they need to take other steps to ensure that they get the help that they need. Thankfully, myofunctional therapy is a powerful way of managing weak or excess tissue in the mouth or throat.

Ways Myofunctional Therapy May Help

Myofunctional therapy is a unique treatment option that utilizes various types of simple exercises that help to strengthen tissues and muscles in the mouth and around the throat. This therapy is most often used on young or skinny people who do not have obstructions due to obesity producing extra tissues in their throat. These exercises will vary based on what muscles the sleep therapists think need help.

For example, the simple act of sticking out the tongue and attempting to touch the nose may strengthen may of these muscles and prevent tissue from sagging in the throat. Other exercises include holding a smile, massaging the cheek muscles, and performing other simple exercises.

This method has the benefit of being completely non-invasive and something that can be done at home. The types of exercises used should be approved by a therapist to help fine-tune the best way of minimizing sleep apnea. Often, these experts will regularly adjust these methods as a way of improving the effectiveness of these care methods, preventing the need for invasive surgery.

Reach out to a myofunctional therapist for more information.

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