4 Benefits Of Workplace Stretching Programs

Investing in onsite injury prevention services can help you keep your employees healthy, which can reduce your insurance fees, in addition to preventing lawsuits. Onsite injury prevention methods don't need to be arduous or expensive. In fact, simple programs may be the most effective. For example, implementing a workplace stretching program can help you prevent injuries on the job. Here are four specific benefits of workplace stretching programs:

1. Allow employees to wake up at the start of their workday.

When employees first arrive at work, they may be sluggish and tired, especially if it is early in the morning. Many people rely on coffee to perk them up in the morning, but too much caffeine can lead to negative health consequences, such as heart palpitations. Tiredness can cause accidents, especially in jobs that require employees to operate machinery or perform manual labor. Starting each day with a workplace stretching program will help your employees be more alert in the morning. Stretching improves circulation, which can bring more blood to the brain and banish exhaustion.

2. Prevent muscle and joint injuries.

Muscle and joint injuries are common, especially in physical lines of work. Proper lifting techniques can help people keep many injuries at bay. However, performing manual labor with "cold" muscles can lead to injuries. Stretching practices are commonly employed by athletes in order to warm up and prevent injuries during exercise. Your employees can benefit from the same practice. Workplace stretching programs can help your employees limber up before starting their jobs. This can reduce the instances of injuries you see at your workplace.

3. Teach employees the importance of stretching.

Workplace stretching programs can also serve an educational purpose. Some people don't know the importance of proper form and warmup techniques. A workplace stretching program can train employees to stretch each part of their bodies thoroughly, a practice that can benefit them in the workplace and beyond.

4. Boost workplace camaraderie.

A pleasant work environment can help you retain employees. It's true that managers and owners set the tone for their businesses, but employee relationships are also important. Workplace stretching programs encourage employees to spend time together as they stretch their bodies. This type of group exercise can serve as an icebreaker, allowing people to talk to each other more easily. By improving workplace camaraderie, you can create a business culture that allows your employees to thrive emotionally and mentally.  

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