The Medication Making Life Easier And Safer For Loved Ones Who Have HIV

HIV is still a lifelong sentence for many people who have contracted it, and while this sentence has certainly been made easier thanks to numerous advances in treatment, it still is something you need to constantly be vigilant with. What many people forget is that it is not just those who have HIV who are affected, but also those who are in close proximity to them, including their family, partners, and perhaps even their children and work colleagues. Luckily, there has been just as much, if not more, advancement in protection for those who haven't yet caught HIV but are in proximity to someone who has. 

HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (commonly referred to as HIV PrEP or simply PrEP) is a medication that was developed to prevent the spread of HIV in those who know that they are at high risk of contracting it. For many people who have HIV, their biggest fear is spreading it to the ones who they most love and who they interact with on a daily basis. With HIV PrEP you can reduce the transmission of HIV to almost zero through most common methods such as sex and reduce it by slightly more than three-quarters when it comes to intravenous drug use.

Who Needs It?

Most of the time the transmission of HIV is low through day-to-day encounters with people. It is only through the transmission of fluids (not including saliva) that it is possible to contract HIV, so unless you are actively partaking in a sexual relationship with someone with HIV or sharing needles with them, there is very, very little risk and the need for HIV PrEP is unnecessary. However, for partners of loved ones with HIV or for parents who look after children who have HIV and need to clean up cuts or injuries, PrEP can be a genuine lifesaver.

Remember To Use It Early

You should always discuss with your doctor first when considering using HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, as there are a few considerations you need to take into account. Some of these include if you have any pre-existing medications that may affect its effectiveness, whether it is covered on your particular insurance and when you can start having sex again and be protected. Generally, you need to be taking HIV PrEP for a few days or a few weeks (depending on the person) before it takes hold and is as effective as possible. 

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