What to Expect from a Group Therapy Session

When you are suffering from depression, it can be tempting to isolate yourself. You might feel like you're not comfortable being around other people when you're in this state. However, this can end up being a significant mistake since you might actually find that your symptoms of depression improve if you participate in a group therapy session.

Solo Therapy vs. Group Therapy

A solo therapy session involves you and your therapist sitting down and discussing issues you are grappling with. By contrast, a group therapy session involves you and several other individuals struggling with depression working together to resolve the issues you are struggling with. 

Group Therapy vs. Support Groups

A group therapy session is different from a support group. A support group is not as structured, and the participants in the session have more control over the direction that the session goes. However, group therapy sessions are led by a therapist trying to accomplish a specific goal.

How to Share Your Experiences During Group Therapy

With a group therapy session, you are reminded that you are not alone. You are encouraged to socialize with other people and are reminded that you are in a safe space where you can feel free to share your struggles.

A common activity in group therapy sessions is to have each member of the group write a letter about their own depression. After doing so, each participant can choose to read the letter if they want. If you read the letter aloud, you will be able to allow others to understand your experience with depression so you can feel like you are being heard.

Use a Group Therapy Session to Learn Coping Skills

One of the reasons why you might suffer from depression is that you struggle to cope with the stresses of life. Learning great coping skills can be difficult when you are self-isolating. However, with a group therapy session, you can practice effective coping methods with other individuals and build your confidence.

Achieve Your Goals

You may feel like you're stuck in life, but writing out goals and pursuing them can feel liberating. Oftentimes, during group therapy sessions, each member writes out their goals and shares them with the group. This allows other members of the group to offer feedback and encouragement so you can feel more confident as you pursue your goals. These could be mental health goals or life goals.

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